My design philosophy

My university degree in Environmental Protection has served as a launch pad to set up my designer philosophy. I strive to create interiors and exteriors that focus on sustainability with a minimal ecological footprint left behind while also keeping up with the latest trends.

As a mother of three children, through my everyday life it has been crucial for me to value functionality while maintaining the desire for aesthetics and beauty.

I work in close collaboration with my clients during the design process, concentrating on their individual preferences, their personal characteristics, as well as their lifestyle. As a decorator, I take into consideration both the architecture and the immediate environment. I aim to design comfortable and liveable spaces with an eco-centric approach.

According to clients' needs and their financial means, I design complete projects as well as subtasks

It is becoming more and more common that people escape from reality into a virtual world, though I truly believe that there is nothing more cosy and comforting than our natural environment.